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The correct direction to get in touch with the consumers

The challenge consists on merging the content and the advertising space, getting in touch with the customer in the appropriate moment so as we can give relevance to the brands.



We must take it into account, it makes us know about history and it is rather satisfying to remember facts and to know we are part of them. In the past, the Media offer was tiny and did not change too much. It was really important to measure audiences, what had happened remained in present and was constantly repeated in the future. The investments ceiling favored the highest budgets and it was hard to make a mistake. Nevertheless, market works thus no more.

Neuromedia does take a leap in Media communication, stop worrying about the Good Ole Days, think about the future, think about Neuromedia.



In our daily routine, it is significant to know about the matters of the market. Without taking action in our present, we will have no hand on our future. The media offer is growing on and on, what happened yesterday may never happen today and will never happen tomorrow. Measuring is no longer easy or stable. The investment ceiling has decreased dramatically but focusing on the cost as a communication goal no longer guarantees the success of the investment.

Neuromedia represents the optimization of the new variables which influence market. It is very important to know the cost of communication but it is even more significant to know what you earn in exchange. Think about the future, think about Neuromedia.



It is vital to know where the new play is going on. We must constantly plan strategies which can foresee the consumer’s behavior, strategies capable of making the product relevant by, at the same time, merging content and advertising spaces.

Neuromedia plans communication platforms combining Marketing goals with the costs of the advertising spaces. It makes valuable and merges sales, advertising memory and investment costs. Think about the future, think about Neuromedia.

Mano pulgar abajo

That future will not last by:

  • Saying that the market has changed and continue applying the same variables already applied.

  • Saying that we must know the consumer and still use old data as source.

  • Saying that a strategy may be cheap and still do not analyze the results in sales and advertising memory.
Mano pulgar arriba

Let’s follow a new path!

  • Let’s change the organization of the Media Agencies by adapting them to the current market, increase their efficiency and providing them with the talent to deal with the future.

  • Committing ourselves not only with the efficiency to achieve a good cost, but the efficiency to do what the brands need, more sales and a better image.

  • Establishing a new way of thinking, a new way of approximation and a new of measuring the relations between the consumer and the brand.

Neuromedia follows a new path and is laying the foundations of a more efficient future in the organization of services, a more efficient future in the achievement of strategies.


Our team up to now

We form a great efficient team in the building of Neuromedia strategies. It consists on professionals who know well how to apply their talent and grow personally in a very competitive market. It is sustained on Entusisasmo y Mucho Valor, the most efficient Back Office Department of the current market.

The Neuromedia Team:

Foto Córdoba Ruiz
Córdoba Ruiz
Managing Directress
Foto Antonio Ruiz
Antonio Ruiz
Foto Carmen Montero
Carmen Montero
Foto Félix Fernández
Félix Fernández
Chief Officer Executive
Foto Sandra Arroyo
Sandra Arroyo
Head Chief of the Strategy and Planning Department
Foto Loli Oliva
Loli Oliva
Head Chief of the Negotiation and Buying Department
Foto Saray García
Saray García
Strategy and Planning Department
Foto Javier Fernández
Javier Fernández
Strategy and Planning Department
Foto Sara Pérez
Sara Pérez
Planning and Strategy Department
Foto Lydia López
Lydia López
Negotiation and Buying Department



Neuronal communication is merging content and advertising spaces

Contacting the consumer in the appropriate moment and making brands relevant. Neuronal Communication requires of the coordination of two forces:

  • The strength necessary to reach the consumer. It requires a physical act, the Media.
  • The strength necessary to bring in the consumer. It requires a psychological act, the Content.
  • Neuronal communication must transmit three fundamental values through media and content:
  • Belonging, (target-affinity).
  • Relevance, (content- attention).
  • Confidence (contact moment-satisfaction).

Our view

Neuromedia communication. In a market fed-up of media and content, we have to establish relevant, stable and interactive connections between consumers and brands.


Our goal

To help the success of the brands of our clients by means of Neuromedia communication platforms permitting that the strategies we build will become relevant for the consumer and creating value for the brand and their sales.



Entusiasmo y Mucho Valor

To achieve the maximum efficacy in our strategies, we find necessary an organization sustained over a Back Office Department with economically puissant and with major efficiency according to economic and professional resources management.

Entusiasmo y Mucho Valor and its portal to horizontal talent allows you to reach the best resources in market and makes easier for clients to pay for what they need.

In Entusiasmo y Mucho Valor we manage these resources, freeing in the process 100% of the talent of our professionals for our clients.

Entusiasmo y Mucho Valor is an independent Company, 100% Spanish capital and managed by its shareholders.



The technique capable of merging content, advertising space and contact moment, creating relevance and interactivity between the consumer and the brand.

Neuromedia communication platforms

Neuromedia communication platforms merge the two forces which shape communication:

  • Physical force, Media.
  • Psychological force, Content.

This merging and the different values included allow a constant evaluation of the platform; in efficiency values if the cost of the strategy is achieved and in effectiveness values if the marketing goals are achieved. Furthermore, and as a value, the resultant analysis make us able to know about the advertising memory or its contribution to the sales.

As a Media Company, our services cover all the areas related to the communication process of a brand:

  • Neuromedia platforms simulation. Creation and adaptation of content.
  • Neuromedia strategies. Monitoring and control, results optimization.
  • Analysis and valuation of the advertising memory and sales resulted of that advertising.

Icono Investigación de mercado, medios y targets
Market, media and targets research
Icono Plataformas Neuromedia
Neuromedia platforms
Icono Estrategias, planificación y compra
Strategy, planning and purchase
Icono Gestión y control de las campañas
Managing and control of campaigns
Icono Análisis de resultados
Results anaylisis

Technological and research support

Market databases

All databases present in market with custom programs which go deeper in data analysis.

Own research
  • Research about the advertising memory.
  • Research about the relation between advertising and sales.
  • Research about audience foreseeing and market.